Finally! You waited eagerly for June 21th and there it is: iOS4 for your iPhone. You just hit the install button and then it happens… your iPhone stops with an error. As a last resort you hit the restore button and then you read “iPhone could not be restored. Error 14”. No matter what you try, it keeps popping up or the iPhone freezes. Now what?

Precautions before updating to iOS4
1. If you can choose, do the update process on a Mac, not a PC
2. If you only have a PC, login as administrator (see here how)
3. Update iTunes to version 9.2
4. Do a full sync (downloaded applications, your audio, video, and photo content) and backup your entire iPhone (this is the most important step)!!!
5. Download iOS4

My iPhone looks bricked. Now what?
If your iPhone presents you with the following picture, you probably not used a Mac or you did not login as administrator to your PC.
There are several sites you can resort to if your iPhones looks bricked: the official Apple support site, or a random help site. Below I present several steps that might lead to a solution. I have suffered from a seemingly dead iPhone myself twice, and managed to resuscitate it both times.

Some ideas
1. Reboot your PC
2. Try another USB-port (high speed)
3. Do a hard reset of your phone (see here). Do not worry, you want loose your data (as long as you synced everything)
4. Disable your antivirus application
5. Delete the ipsw-file in C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates and download iOS4 again
6. Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features and uninstall iTunes, Apple Application Support, Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Software Update. Reboot and do a fresh install of iTunes 9.2 again
7. Try another PC, install iTunes and do a fresh download of iOS4. If your iPhone comes to life again, see point 9.
8. Make sure you can login as administrator (see here, choose Windows logo, arrow next to Shut down button and hit “Change user”. Then, login as administrator and fire up iTunes. Then do a fresh download of iOS4.
9. If your iPhone is back to life and iTunes presents you with a screen to modify the name of your iPhone, close iTunes, login with the account name you used for backing up your iPhone and fire up iTunes. Now you’ll see a screen where you can choose to install you backup. Choose this option and after some minutes your back in business with all your data in place.

Help! I’m missing apps.
If you miss some applications in your iPhone, start iTunes, check your applications and see if all applications are selected for synchronisation. If you do not see some applications on your iPhone nor in iTunes, then you have to install them again through the AppStore. Don’t worry, you do not have to pay for them twice (as long as you use the same account).

If you have more suggestions, please write to me!