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Finally! You waited eagerly for June 21th and there it is: iOS4 for your iPhone. You just hit the install button and then it happens… your iPhone stops with an error. As a last resort you hit the restore button and then you read “iPhone could not be restored. Error 14”. No matter what you try, it keeps popping up or the iPhone freezes. Now what? Lees verder


In my previous blog I wrote that the current iPhone already is able to natively deal with multiple exchange accounts, but Apple decided to switch it off. You needed a jailbroken iPhone to unswitch it or use my step by step guide to be able to see your exchange calendars in overlay mode.
The upcoming new OS update (called iOS4) available for free June 21, will finally make an end to our quest. Lees verder

iphoneAs a business user you’ll probably have more than one calendar: 1 for work, a private one, perhaps one for a second job or for your university. To be able to check them everywhere, you might consider walking around with 2 mobile phones. But checking both phones for every new appointment is a little sad. Lees verder

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